Riko Debenjak

9. 6.–15. 9. 1963

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Riko Debenjak, White Cracks (Comb no. 7), 1963, colour aquatint; recipient of the International Jury Prize, 4th International Exhibition of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1961.

Photo: Jaka Babnik. MGLC Archive.

The exhibition included fifteen colour aquatints from the Rakes series
(1962–1963). With his selection of the motif, Riko Debenjak turned to Slovenian folk tradition, choosing for the central object of his research in the exhibited series a comb that was once used to comb flax and wool. The comb, however, was only the starting point of exploring and trying out the technical and aesthetic possibilities offered by experiments in colour aquatint. In this series, his experiments with the matrix went beyond chemical technology, for he often additionally plastically treated the matrix by using metal materials that he fixed onto the basic, most often already chemically treated foundation. He thus obtained new textures and interesting relief effects.