10. 6.-16. 9. 2001

International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)

Fundamina; Andy Warhol, Mao (1972), Cow (1966), Silver Clouds (1966), Fish (1983), 24th International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 2001, installation view of the accompanying exhibition at MGLC.

Photo: Igor Lapajne. MGLC Archive.

The Fundamina exhibition segment stands for art-historical ambitions of the Biennial. The exhibition was installed in the premises of the International Centre of Graphic Arts and it presented the following artists:

Zoran Mušič: The selection of works was made by Zoran Kržišnik and Boštjan Soklič in co-operation with the Regional Museum in Nova Gorica, which keeps a large collection of Mušič’s works. The exhibition presented over 50 works from artist’s different creative periods, including his most famous cycle, entitled We Are Not the Last.

Andy Warhol: The selection was made by the curator Mark Francis. The selected works showed how well did Warhol understand the technique of mass production and printing in particular. In four exhibition rooms were presented his wallpapers with motifs of Cow (1966), Fish (1983), Self-portrait (1976) and Mao (1972). A special feature of the exhibition was a selection of Warhol’s books, which he first produced in small numbers of copies and gave away to his friends and customers. There were eleven books and two LP album covers on the show. The exhibition also included a series of 10 prints, entitled Electric Chair Portfolio (1971).

Mimmo Paladino: The selection was made by Enzo Di Martino. Mimmo Paladino is one of the most important representatives of Italian trans-avantgarde originating in the 1980s. Two series of prints from 1996, entitled Five Continents and Shields, were presented at the exhibition.

Artists: Zoran Mušič, Andy Warhol, Mimmo Paladino.

Curators: Zoran Kržišnik, Boštjan Soklič, Mark Francis and Enzo Di Martino.