Klavdij Tutta

20. 6.-30. 9. 1987

Rihard Jakopič Exhibition Venue

Klavdij Tutta, Protected Menhir, 1986, colour lithograph; recipient of the Young Artist Prize, 16th International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1985.

The exhibition included fifteen colour lithographs made between 1981 and 1986. Klavdij Tutta’s expressive and relaxed colour lithographs made in the 1980s were in line with the spirit of post-modern times, whose characteristic subjects were related to archaism, history, expressiveness, nationality and the like. In his prints, karstic places and landscapes predominate. The prints often give the impression of having been created from on-the-spot ideas and observations that merged into a mostly readable whole. Sign language intertwines with the intensity of colour. The predominant signs in the works are those of a menhir, a bull and a bird.