Giuseppe Capogrossi

5. 6.–31. 8. 1971

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Giuseppe Capogrossi, Surface No. 62, relief, 1962, ed. Gribaudo; recipient of the Grand Prix d’Honneur, 8th International Exhibition of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1969.

The exhibition included forty-six lithographs made between 1953 and 1970. Giuseppe Capogrossi is one of the most important Italian representatives of Art Informel. A decisive shift in his career occurred at the beginning of the 1950s. He developed a graphic language consisting of irregular fork-like or comb-like signs, which he remained faithful to till the end of his creative path. These structural elements had no allegorical, psychological or symbolical meanings and could be combined and connected in countless variants. Abstract paintings and prints characterised by comb-like signs (usually known simply as Surfaces) soon became the identifiers of Capogrossi’s style.