François Morellet

4. 6.-31. 8. 1973

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

François Morellet, 2 doubles trames, –1˚, +1˚, 1971, sreenprint, silver on black; recipient of the International Jury Prize, 9th International Exhibition of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1971.

The exhibition included twenty-three prints made between 1971 and 1973. François Morellet was a French contemporary artist known for his intricate geometric forms and patterns. In his early works, we can notice his minimalistic tendencies, but he was better known as a conceptual artist and played a prominent role in the development of geometric abstract art. His work was first exhibited at the Biennial in 1969. Two years later, the international jury awarded him a prize for his works, which adhered to the parameters of programmed art, for they were made according to predetermined rules and limitations. His prints were made in series and showed crisscrossing lines that formed squares, triangles and other geometrical shapes.