Akira Matsumoto

13. 5.-31. 8. 1977

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Akira Matsumoto, From Landscape 4–1, 1977, lithograph; recipient of the Grand Prix, 11th Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1975.

The exhibition included fifteen prints made between 1975 and 1977. Akira Matsumoto was one of the rare representatives of the sōsaku-hanga art movement that was also familiar with the ukiyo-e woodblock technique. As a contemporary artist, he employed various media. Among other things, he was a pioneer of screenprinting with a photographic base in Japan. It is precisely for such works that he received the Grand Prize at the 11th Biennial of Graphic Arts, specifically for his series of screenprints entitled Landscape. A number of screenprints from the series Landscape, Tokyo and From Landscape were on view. In his work, he often photographed quite everyday scenes in his environment, which he then magnified with the collotype process to the extent that the image was finally divided into points. He would later build on these scenes compositionally and by using other materials.