Adriana Maraž

12. 6.-15. 9. 1981

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Adriana Maraž, Three-legged, 1979, combined intaglio printmaking techniques; recipient of the International Jury Prize, 13th International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1979.

The exhibition included fifteen prints made between 1969 and 1980. Adriana Maraž was a representative of the Ljubljana Graphic School. Her artful prints are intimate; they are metaphors for the passing of time, as she herself described them. This is reflected in the surface of her images that was often honeycombed with corrosions and seemed to have a relief. She primarily employed the mixed techniques of intaglio printing. Her world of motifs is narrow, housing pieces of furniture (chairs, beds, sofas and the like) transformed into poetical witnesses of human sensibility, the bitterness of life, loneliness and transience.