A Portfolio of 55 Protagonists of Constructed Art

16. 6.-10. 9. 1995

Entrance Hall of Cankarjev dom and Cankarjev dom Gallery

Bridget Riley, Firebird, 1971, screenprint; A Portfolio of 55 Protagonists of Constructed Art, accompanying exhibition, 21th International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1995.

The exhibition was a first in the organisational scope of the 21st International Biennial of Graphic Arts. It was conceived by the Italian artist Getulio Alviani, who presented his collection of constructed art, with individual works also coming directly from exhibitors. The organiser defined it as the beginning of an ongoing, analytical research work tied to global graphic art creation. The decision to exhibit constructed art as the first in the series of announced research results came about because this art direction was a reflection of the 20th century and because it prophetically anticipated the age of computers and the changes brought about by the so-called age of communication.

Artists: Josef Albers, Getulio Alviani, Yaacov Agam, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Jean Arp, Olle Baertling, Mario Ballocco, Henryk Berlewi, Max Bill, Binomio N, Erich Buchholz, Enrico Castellani, Gianni Colombo, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Sonia Delaunay, Milan Dobeš, Piero Dorazio, Dviženie, Equipo 57, Lucio Fontana, Karl Gerstner, Jean Gorin, Jerzy Grabowski, Camille Graeser, Toshihiro Hamano, Herman Hebler, Auguste Herbin, André Heurtaux, Drago Hrvacki, Danilo Jejčič, Ellsworth Kelly, Yves Klein, Julije Knifer, Julio Le Parc, Richard Paul Lohse, Peter Lowe, Pavel Mansouroff, Kenneth Martin, Almir Mavignier, François Morellet, Richard Mortensen, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Bruno Munari, Ivan Picelj, Leon Polk-Smith, Vjenceslav Richter, Bridget Riley, Michel Seuphor, Francisco Sobrino, Jesus Soto, Henryk Staźewski, Jeffrey Steele, Joël Stein, Miroslav Šutej, Victor Vasarely and Ryszard Winiarski.