Crack Up – Crack Down

8. 6. 2019

MGLC Švicarija

Symposium Crack Up – Crack Down, 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, 2019, accompanying event at MGLC Švicarija.

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

The international symposium, moderated by the curators of the 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts Slavs and Tatars, took place at the opening of the event and offered an insight into the extremely rich spectrum of satire and social criticism. The following presented their contributions: Vid Simoniti: Equality and Cynicism: Satire in Martin Krpan, Top lista nadrealista and Borat, Mohammad Salemy: Between Three Revolutions: Notes on the History of Iranian Political Satire (19001980) in the Age of Social Media, Arthur Fournier and Raphael Koenig: No More Fuchs Left to Give, Emily Apter: Micropolitics of the Meme. How are we to understand and implement the political vocabulary of a genre of communication native to the 21st century? The final presentation of Sleep Walks The Street was implemented by Metahaven (Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden). All contributions were subsequently published in the Biennial publication Crack Up – Crack Down.