Antoni Tàpies

6. 6.-31. 8. 1969

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Antoni Tàpies, Als mestres da Catalunya, 1974, colour lithograph; recipient of the Grand Prix, 7th International Exhibition of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 1967.

The exhibition included twenty-six lithographs made between 1959 and 1968. Antoni Tàpies is one of the most well-known Spanish artists of the period after World War Two, an artist of simple images and shapes that keep repeating in his entire oeuvre and a master of experimenting with materials. His printmaking should be seen as an inseparable part of his entire artistic production. The artist repeatedly explained that he used a copper plate as if it were a piece of cardboard or paper, for he undertook every work in the same spirit. His interest in the material side of an artwork found a broad range of expressive possibilities in graphic art, since in order to achieve the desired results, he had to adapt the traditional technical procedures to new techniques and materials unknown before in the world of printmaking.